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Welcome to House Painting Triforce - where our top-tier Dallas home painting services redefine your living space with swift drywall repairs and affordable interior and exterior paint applications

Located in the heart of Dallas, our team of expert painters is committed to turning your home into a masterpiece of lasting beauty.

Every home has its unique charm, and every homeowner, their distinct vision. At House Painting Triforce, we pride ourselves on our personalized consultation process, where your dreams meet our expertise. Whether it's harmonizing with existing décor or crafting a completely new look, we're here to provide the guidance and insight needed to make informed decisions about colors and finishes. Your satisfaction is our canvas, and together, we'll create a masterpiece that reflects your personal taste and lifestyle.



We are committed to the residential painting industries principles of strategic planning and transparent communication throughout every house painting project we undertake.


With House Painting Triforce, your home is in great hands for both exterior and interior repair and painting.

From the smallest of drywall repairs to the most extensive sheetrock installations, and every aspect of your house painting needs are covered by our dedicated painters.

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Strategic planning

Strategic planning allows you to anticipate challenges, allocate resources efficiently, and ensure that every project is completed to the highest quality. It’s the backbone of a successful project, guiding your team from preparation through to execution with clarity and purpose.

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Transparent Communication

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From living rooms to kitchens, Enhance your curb appeal with our durable and weather-resistant exterior painting options.
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Let our interior painting services bring a fresh, new look to your home.



Choose House Painting Triforce for your next house painting and drywall repair projects, and kitchen cabinet refinishing in Dallas and experience a very good quality painting finish on any surface we paint for you and your house.

Whether it's accent walls, custom finishes, or a complete home makeover, we work closely with you to bring your unique vision to life.

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We aim to always provide a smooth and stress free house painting experience

That's why we're here—to ensure your experience is smooth and completely stress-free. Let's discuss your vision and collaborate to bring your space to life with color.

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Your go-to expert for all your painting and texture application needs in Dallas Texas and its surrounding areas.

Get professional house painting services, top-notch quality and attention to detail

Specializing in drywall repairs and ceiling, wall, door, cabinet painting tasks, providing comprehensive solutions for your home improvement projects. Whether you need a fresh coat of paint or want to fix those pesky cracks in your walls, trust Triforce Painting Solutions for professional service and stunning results.

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Cabinet Refinishing

Transform your kitchen without the cost of a full remodel.

We know that house painting projects can sometimes be unpredictable and challenging



House Painting Triforce Service Crew is made up of the best painters and drywall finishers around

We maintain a clean and organized work environment through our house painting services and drywalling.

Our goal is to provide Dallas and surrounding metroplex cities with swift and professional service.


Based in Dallas, Texas, our professional painting team offers top-quality house painting and drywall repair services. We're committed to affordability and excellence, ready to assist with your home painting needs through phone or email. Contact us for dependable service at honest prices.



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