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House Painting Triforce is an affordable home improvement and drywall repair company near your house in Dallas, Texas.


We also specialize in drywall repair, installation and complete interior and exterior painting for your house in Dallas, Texas 

Plus, with our low cost quality improvement, you don't have to worry about breaking the bank.



Upgrade your kitchen today with our amazing cabinet painting services! We offer the most affordable upgrade by painting your cabinets we will make your kitchen look brand new.


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Upgrade your home cabinets without the need for new cabinets with our Dallas cabinet painting services near you!

Kitchen Cabinet Makeover

Home Paint Services that are in budget and of style

House Painting Triforce Cabinet painting services

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Are your cabinets looking lackluster?

We offer the solution!

Our cabinet painting service will infuse your cabinets with renewed vibrancy and a fresh, professional finish.

Avoid costly replacements and trust our expertise to enhance the beauty of your cabinets.

Contact us for a free estimate and experience the transformation of your space

House Painting Triforce offers Dallas, qualified cabinet painters that provide you with budget friendly services for your bathroom, living room and kitchen cabinets. 

We follow a professional step-by-step procedure to ensure that refinishing, repainting, and staining your cabinets, with the best in results that will make your cabinets look brand new. 


cabinet painting services for amazing results on your house updates

Grab this offer today! Upgrade Your Kitchen with Our Bundle: Wall Painting + Cabinet Painting

When you choose our bundle, not only will your walls get a fresh look, but your cabinets will also receive a brand new paint finish. It's a complete transformation for your kitchen!

To take advantage of this offer, you have two options:



    Refinish your cabinets with house painting triforce

    Office, closet, new wood  Cabinet Specials

    master bedroom cabinet closet makeover by house painti
    We offer comprehensive cabinet painting services for: renovations on Cabinet Painting service for all
    any cabinet painting kitchen and bathrooms
    Cabinet Face painting only Vanities, Shelves
    Built-in cabinets Front Doors and Trims
    Kitchen and bathroom cabinet doors and drawers only Pantry shelves
    painting cabinets by house painting triforce
    kitchen cabinet painting service

    Cabinet Painting Dallas

    living room  under painting and floor installations

    Cabinet Painting Services

    House Painting Triforce



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