Tile and Grout Cleaning

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tile and grout cleaning
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Our Service for tile and grout includes cleaning and installation, and any bathtub or grout cleaning repairs as well

Tile installation

Best way to clean grout lines

Reapplying grout

Grout Renew


Regrout Shower Solutions

Grout haze remover

Bathtub conversion to shower

Mortar bed installations


shower pan liner installation


Tile Repairs- Re grouting a shower

  • Choose a pre-mixed grout cleaner or prepare your own using grout powder and water. Follow the manufacturer's instructions for the perfect consistency - not too runny, not too stiff.
  • Clear the shower of shower products, shelves, and anything else that might get in your way. Protect sensitive areas like drains and faucets with masking tape.
  • Use your grout cleaning removal tool to slowly remove the old grout, being careful not to damage the tiles. Soak stubborn grout with a sponge.
  • Once the grout is gone, scrub the tiles with a sponge and a grout cleaner solution to remove any lingering residue. Rinse thoroughly and let everything dry completely.
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