Professional House Painting Services Available in Dallas - Fort Worth 

dryer vent hose, connect pipe, vent , dryer , inspect and reasure your safety with our professional house painting services inluding dryer vent clean up and repair for $50


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for a Maintenance and Safety Service Checkup



House Painting Triforce Dallas painters know the essentials for creating a polished and elegant high quality painting finish for your home.

Start repairing and painting your home with our professional house painting services near you in Dallas Texas

Interior Wall painting in Plano texas by house painting triforce dallas painters


Whether it's a small crack or a significant hole, our expert drywall repair services restore your walls and cabinets to their originality.

Say goodbye to unsightly blemishes and hello to smooth, seamless perfection.



Professional Cabinet Painting Service, Seamless Drywall Repair and Restorations

Professional House Painting Services Collection

Don't miss out on the chance to save while enjoying the quality and service you'll love.

Keep your home interiors and exteriors paint protected with our repair and paint services for your home.

Bathroom renovations by house painting triforce, tile, drywall and paint service
Professional house painting living room by house painting triforce, bookshelf, built in wall cabinet painting dallas
Custom wood painting solutions, stained ceiling beams. white trim or stain trim
ceilings after our professional house painting services

When it comes to professional interior, and exterior house painting services,

our residential Dallas painters will do the job right, no matter what repair or paint must be applied.

Let us be your painting company

- Triforce Painting Dallas Painters are ready to help you with Home improvements and repairs, 

Discover expert seamless, professional home painting services and ceiling hole patching, drywall repairs in Dallas tx

About us

We provide a full spectrum of home painting services.

From refreshing interiors to boosting curb appeal with vibrant exteriors,

we ensure a flawless finish every time.

Whether it's a small crack or a significant hole, ensuring that your drywall is in top condition is crucial for maintaining the integrity of your home.
By addressing issues promptly, you can prevent more severe damage down the line, such as mold growth, pest infestations, or even compromised structural stability.

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investing house painting services, living rooms, walls, celings, logos,

Let us roll up our sleeves, put our painting gear on, gather our tools, and let's tackle those drywall repairs and house painting service details with confidence and precision, ensuring a safe and beautiful home for years to come!

accent wall ideas by house painting triforce

Detailed Professional House Painting Services

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Residential Painting

Interior and exterior painting services for your home in Dallas,
We bring quality and satisfaction guarantee for all our interior and exterior paint finishes.

accent wall in bedroom, gray and silver, checkered style

Accent Walls


Add some personality and flair to any wall in your house. Customize your walls anyway, any color.



call us for drywall repair services in dallas texas

Drywall Repair

Proper drywall repair not only improves the aesthetic appeal of your living space but also reinforces the overall structure of your walls.

dallas house painting interiors by triforce painting

Enhance your living space easily with paint, and protect your home when you update your house painted surfaces.

Call House Triforce Painting  for interior or exterior house painting services that last.

From smooth and glossy finishes to matte and satin finishes,

you can choose the options and we guarantee a high-quality finish!

Home Painting Services Contact us today for our special offers for your exterior house painting services and interior home updates
Interior Ceiling drywall hole repair services in Dallas
With dust free drywall Patching and painting drywall services
Our wall painting service ensures that any unsightly holes or imperfections are repaired seamlessly, making your ceiling look as good as new.
Cabinet Painting Service and Sheetrock Installations with matched perfection to your existing wall and ceilng textures Repaint your kitchen cabinetry instead of replacing them, its much more affordable and easier to manage.
Wall Painter Ready to Repaint any wall for you Exterior Siding and brick Repair and painting

Find the best colors of 2024

Discover Room Painting Ideas

 By investing in quality finishes, provided by our Dallas House Painters,

you can add durability and longevity to your house painting finishes 

professional house paint services completed

With Different finishes for your paint, like matte, satin, or gloss,  you can create different effects in each area of your home.

Professional House painting finishes in living room, dining, room , drywall, door frame, cabinets,white interiors
wainscot accent wall painting service
deep blue walls, natural wood colored cabinets over bed headboard painted by house painting triforce in dallas tx
cabinet painting service by professional house paintnig triforce

Professional House Painting Triforce Services various home improvement projects

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