NFT Artwork and NFT Drops

Nft artwork designed from photo, some of them are previous works that i think deserve a special mark in this  house painting collection nft drops

Texas Map Themed Nfts

This unique digital artwork presents a vibrant and stylized representation of the great state of Texas. Created with intricate details and rich colors, this NFT captures the essence of Texas'. The artwork celebrates the spirit of Texas, showcasing its cities, natural beauty, and historical significance.
High-resolution digital artwork showcasing Texas maps and landmarks.
Limited edition NFT, ensuring exclusivity and scarcity.
Authenticated on the blockchain for ownership verification and provenance.
Compatible with various digital art platforms and collections.
  • File Format: PNG
  • Dimensions: 802px x 653px
  • Created using digital art tools/software. Krita

About the Artist: 

Jacob Brizuela- A digital artist passionate about creating unique and captivating artworks inspired by geography, culture, and history.


Ownership Rights: Purchasing this NFT grants ownership and digital rights to the artwork. Copyright and reproduction rights remain with the artist.

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What is a NFT? What Does NFT Stand For?

NFT is an abbreviation of a NON Fungible Token

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