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Bathroom Tile Repair

tile repairs

Bathroom Update Services

Unpainted or poorly painted bathroom tiles can leave your bathroom looking icky.

House Painting Triforce can fix or paint your bathroom tile repair and more

To paint bathroom tile repair
you'll need to use a good quality tile paint and primer.
Dont forget that You'll also need to sand the tile before you paint it. This will help roughen the tile surface, that way the primer and paint stick to it
Be sure to use a good tile safe and bonding primer before painting your bathroom tile repair painters' tape to protect any areas you don't want to paint.
Once you're finished painting, seal the tile with a clear sealer
before bathroom tile repair
after bathroom tile repair on walk in shower

Bathroom tile installation how to guide! 

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Example product


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How to Tile and Paint Your Bathroom

Supplies You Will Need

Preparing the Surface

Applying the Paint

Installing the bathroom Tile

Finishing Up

Maintaining Your Bathroom Tile

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