Transform Your Living Room with an Accent Wall

framing a tv above fireplace
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accent wall ideas

Enhance the visual appeal of your living room with a stunning accent wall that not only adds a pop of colour but also serves as the perfect backdrop for your TV.

sketching a fireplace insert with framing a tv design

Benefits of Having an Accent Wall in Your Living Room

  • Enhanced decor
  • Visual interest
  • Room focal point
  • Increased property value

How Triforce Painting Dallas Can Help with Framing a TV on Your Living Room Accent Wall

Our expert team at Triforce Painting Dallas provides professional TV mounting services, ensuring your TV is securely and correctly installed on your accent wall. We handle everything from selecting the right mounting hardware to ensuring a seamless finish.

Ready for Framing a tv to your Living Room?

Contact Triforce Painting Dallas today for expert painting services and framing a TV mounting solutions.